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As one of Southern California’s oldest and most reputable bail bond companies, Armstrong Bail Bonds in Los Angeles has been providing fast, efficient bail bond services to patrons for over 88 years. Since Cecil Armstrong opened the company’s first office in Glendale in 1926, Armstrong Bail Bonds’ professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction has led to continual expansion; today, Armstrong’s personable, experienced bondsmen handle cases throughout Southern California, including San Diego County, Orange County, and municipalities across Los Angeles County.

The Fastest Bail Bonds in Los Angeles


At Armstrong Bail Bonds, our knowledge of the California legal system allows us to provide clients with the quickest releases possible. Our flexible bail bondsmen are ready to post bail at any time, 24 hours a day, and are always available to give legal guidance, negotiate bond payment options, and to meet with indemnitors at home or defendants in jail. When a friend or a family member has been arrested, our licensed bail agents know how to handle the bail bond process and, depending on the severity of the crime and the volume of arrests on that particular day, should be able to bring your loved one home safely in as few as 30 minutes. Don’t trust your case to just anyone; call Armstrong Bail Bonds today for fast, friendly, and affordable solutions to life’s difficult and often unforeseen circumstances.

How Does Bail Bonds Work?


Regardless Of Your Circumstance, Armstrong Bail Bonds Is Here To Help!

The Bail Bond Process

Step 1: Contact Us

Contact Armstrong Bail Bonds as soon as you learn of your friend or relative’s arrest. Our experienced bail bondsmen will begin the bail bond application process immediately.

Step 2: Apply for Bond

To expedite the bond process, Armstrong provides online forms for the indemnitor to complete and submit. Once the application has been approved, Armstrong will post bail.

Step 3: Pay & Release

After Armstrong Bail Bonds receives payment for the bond, your friend or family member will be released from jail. Armstrong offers a variety of flexible payment options.   

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A leader among Los Angeles bail bonds companies, Cecil C. Armstrong Bail Bonds has been a valuable business leader and trusted member of the community for decades. Armstrong’s excellence has earned it membership in the following organizations:

Bill Armstrong

Meet Bill Armstrong, CEO of Armstrong Bail Bonds


A 3rd generation bondsman, William Armstrong is one of Southern California’s most experienced and trusted bail bond professionals. Bill (as he’s known to friends and clients) has helped thousands navigate the complexities of the legal system, and his knowledge of the bail bond process is second-to-none. Visit Bill’s Corner for great articles, advice, and anecdotes about the history of the company, the bail bond industry, and how to get out of jail quickly and inexpensively.     



Steve P.

Bill was a very nice person and was informative and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone. -Altadena


Julia D.

I wanted to thank you for helping us. You were very helpful with everything, and I am very thankful for your time. —Pasadena

If you are in need of a bail bond and live in Orange County, San Diego County, Glendale, Burbank, or any municipality in Los Angeles County, Armstrong Bail Bonds is the fastest, most professional bail bond company in Southern California. We’ll gets your friend or family member out of jail and home in no time. Don’t hesitate, call Armstrong today!

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