Summer and Increased Crime Rates: Is There a Link?

burglar with crowbar to break door to enter the house

Summer and Increased Crime Rates: Is There a Link?

Everyone is excited when summer rolls around. Weekend barbecues, vacations, and holidays spent with family and friends are all causes for celebration. But these are the times when people’s guards are down the most, and criminals find more opportunities to execute their dirty schemes. Summer is a fun time spent with loved ones for many reasons, but it also happens to be the most saturated with crime. And here’s why.

The Link Between Summer and Crime

According to a report led by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2014, summer tends to be the most crime-filled of all the seasons. Household property victimization which includes burglary, motor vehicle theft, and household larceny are some of the most common crimes that occur in the summer.  Intimate partner violence and violent crimes such as rape and aggravated assault also increase in the summer months. In addition, summer tends to be the time of year with the highest number of violence involving weapons.

How Does Climate Affect Our Behavior?

A recent article published by CNN acknowledges a new study called the “Behavioral and Brain Sciences.” The paper claims that violence is tied to climate, aggression, and humanly self-control. The report states that people who live in areas of the country with more seasonal change and lower temperatures are more future-oriented and value self-control. While, those who live in warm climates with less seasonality are living in the “fast-life” mindset and are less concerned about planning for the future. But in either geographical location, climate is one of the most powerful variables that affect a culture’s behavior, communication, and thinking-process. In climates and times of the year when temperatures are high, people tend to have less worry about what the future may bring, and are more likely to live in the moment and behave off of current emotions.

Does Summer Make People More Violent?

So what is it about high temperatures that lead to more crime? It is said that hotter weather leads to people feeling uncomfortable, restless, and more aggressive. This elevated aggression is what leads to aggression-channeled crimes. Furthermore, people are more likely to have their windows and doors open in the summer and tend to be more out and about. This means unlocked homes, and vacated homes as people enjoy summertime activities. This opportunity gives burglars the perfect chance to raid people’s homes, steal, and possibly commit violent crimes. And summer is also the time when family-oriented events most often occur, like weddings and family reunions. Family disputes may breakout and lead to noise complaints, household vandalism, and injury.

Is Crime Bad All Summer Long?

The good news is that increased crime rates don’t last all summer long. In fact, when temperatures begin to rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, crime actually decreases because people get too uncomfortable and go inside where they can cool down. And in southern California, we experience plenty of these sweltering days. So even though crime tends to be higher in the hotter summer months, it shouldn’t scare you into hiding out all summer long. Participate in all your favorite activities, lounge at the beach, and get together with friends and family; just be sure to secure your home properly when you leave and at night, don’t walk alone at night, and make your safety your top priority.

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