Quick View: A Mini Bail Bonds FAQ

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Quick View: A Mini Bail Bonds FAQ

If one of your loved one has been arrested, this is most certainly a very emotional time for you. If it’s an unfamiliar situation in your life, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns swirling around your mind.

Armstrong Bail Bonds is here to help. Here’s a handful of some of the most common questions about bail bonds, and we hope that is helps you. If you still have more questions or want more information, please contact us.

What Is Bail?

Bail represents the temporary release of the defendant as he or she awaits their trial, with the promise to appear in court when they are required to be there. When they are out on bail, the defendant is able to resume their life, go back to work, and get their affairs in order while they await their court date.

Bail bondsmen are paid 10% of the bail bond fee. So if the bond fee is $2,000, then $200 would go to the bondsman.

If the defendant isn’t bailed out, he or she will have to spend weeks, months, and possibly longer in jail, waiting for their trial to begin.

How Long Does the Bail Process Take?

There is no “set” answer to this question, as it will depend on the nature of the crime, the defendant’s criminal history, the defendant’s citizenship status, and many other factors.

When a defendant is arrested, bail is usually set that day. However, if the arrest occurred on a weekend or an evening, he or she will need to wait a day or two in jail until the court’s next business day for a judge to set the bail.

After paperwork is completed and the bail money has been transferred, the bail bondsman will post the bail amount to the jail. After this happens, it can take up to 10 hours for the defendant to be released.

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How Does The Judge Set The Bail Amount?

Several factors go into how the bail amount is set.

The judge usually begins with a bail schedule, which is a list of pre-set bail amounts for different charges. (Each bail schedule varies from state to state.)

Other than the bail schedule, the judge will also consider how serious the crime is; the circumstances of the crime; the defendant’s current conduct and their past criminal record, and if the defendant is a flight risk.

The riskier a defendant seems—and the more serious the crime—the higher the bail amount may be.

What Is A Bail Bond Forfeiture?

A bail bond forfeiture occurs when a defendant skips their court date after posting their bail. If this happens, a warrant will be issued for the defendant’s arrest.

In order to clear the warrant, the defendant will be required to make a new court date.

Do I Qualify For A Discount?

Some bail bondsmen, such as Armstrong Bail Bonds, are able to offer a 20% discount (or 8% of the total bond amount) for active union members, active members of the U.S. military, or individuals who are 55 years or older.

For even more commonly-asked questions about bail bonds, check out our FAQ page.

As a third-generation bail bonds company, we at Armstrong will be on your side during the unpleasant process of bailing a loved one out of jail. You can call us anytime, day or night, in the event of an arrest emergency.

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