3 Reasons To Get A Bond, Even If You Can Pay Your Own Bail

3 Reasons To Get A Bond, Even If You Can Pay Your Own Bail

Many people who find themselves arrested aren’t fortunate enough to be able to pay their own bail to get out of jail quickly, and either they have to remain there or they need to enlist the services of a bail bondsman.

Then there are some individuals who do have enough money to bail themselves (or their loved one) out of jail.

However, is it the best idea to do that, even if you can? Here are three reasons why a bail bond may still be best for you.

A Bail Bond Frees Up Your Funds

Let’s say you, or someone close to you, does have enough money in a bank account to pay your bail and get you out of jail immediately.

This still may not be the best option. Why? Because you could either spend all of your — or your loved one’s — money being bailed out, or you could put down just a portion of that money for a bail bond.

This would ensure that you keep your own money in the bank for your needs when you get bailed out. There could be hundreds of things you need that money for instead of your own bail, including setting some aside for your spouse or children (if you have them).

Bottom line: it’s probably better to keep your cash in those months before the court date.

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Paying The Full Amount May Mean No Public Defender

When you’re arrested, you can either get a private lawyer or a public defender, which is a lawyer that the court assigns to your case.

Many defendants choose to use a public defender, because they don’t cost any money. A private lawyer is usually hundreds of dollars an hour.

If your bail amount is paid in full directly from you or a loved one, this may jeopardize your chance to use a free lawyer because they are typically appointed to represent a defendant who cannot afford a private lawyer.

Defendants who pay a cash bail are showing the court that they have access to funds, and thereby the court will not give them a free lawyer.

Bail Forfeiture Is More Likely

Another reason a defendant may want to use a bail bondsman instead of paying the full cash amount for bail is that violating the bail requirements, even if it’s unintentional, will result in a total forfeiture of the cash paid.

It’s a common fact that courts regularly switch departments in which a case is heard. Even if the defendant has been instructed to appear in a certain department, the case is often re-assigned — and this can be very bad for the defendant.

If he or she appears in the wrong department (even if it’s not their fault), the defendant’s entire bail will be forfeited. And it’s not just if they go to the wrong court; it can also be if the defendant is a few minutes late or goes out to use the restroom when their name is called.

When the full cash bail is paid directly to the court, the only recourse will be to hire a private lawyer who is familiar with bail law. This is very expensive.

At Armstrong Bail Bonds, we are experts in everything to do with bail, as well as the criminal justice system. Be sure to work with those who know the ins and outs of the system. We can help you in your time of need.

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