5 Reasons To Never, Ever Skip Out On Bail

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5 Reasons To Never, Ever Skip Out On Bail

If you’ve been arrested and released on bail, the urge to skip your court date and attempt to avoid going to jail for good may be extremely tempting to you. However, as a professional bail bonds company, we know what will happen to you if you choose to make this very unwise decision.

Skipping out on bail has never been, and never will be, a good idea. It’s simply not worth it. Here are the main things to know and understand about skipping bail.

You Will Get Caught One Day

We are here to tell you that bounty hunters are a real thing. They may sound like a thing of movies and TV, but they will come after you — even if you’re in another country.

Depending on how serious your offense was, you may owe the bail bondsman thousands upon thousands of dollars. This is not taken lightly, and you won’t get away with it. That’s just the truth.

Between pivate detectives, bounty hunters, and the police who will be looking for you, you will most certainly be caught one day.

And let’s say, hypothetically, you aren’t caught. You still won’t be able to return home, rent an apartment, or get any sort of legitimate job.

There Will Be A Warrant For Your Arrest

As soon as you skip bail, a warrant is issued for your arrest, and even the smallest of encounters with law enforcement (such as speeding or not wearing a seat belt) will bring this warrant up.

And when the warrant is brought up, you’ll be charged not only with your original crime, but also skipping out on bail. On top of that, you will completely destroy your chances of ever being released again.

You’ll Lose Your Collateral

When you are released on bail, you have to put up either cash or collateral. If you skip your court date and run, you totally lose that cash and/or collateral. It will be considered forfeit, and you or a loved one could lose their car, house, or anything else that they used to post bail.

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The Co-Signer Will Be Held Responsible

Most defendants have a co-signer when they are bailed out of prison. When a co-signer agrees to pay bail, they agree to take the financial responsibility if you skip your court date.

This means that the co-signer agrees to pay for any costs that the bail bondsman incurs if they have to go find you.

The co-signer is nearly always a loved one, and this is a terrible thing to do to someone you care about.

Your Family Will Be Negatively Impacted

When you skip out on bail and run, you bring shame and pain to your loved ones. Don’t be that person. Be responsible and stick to your agreed court date.

As mentioned before, skipping your court date and running is simply a bad idea. You’ll only dig yourself in deeper. And if there’s a reason you actually can’t make the court date — a real reason — then you can always re-schedule the date. After a loved one has gone through the trouble of co-signing and bailing you out of prison, don’t make their situation worse. Keep your court date.

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