Should I Call A Lawyer Or A Bondsman First?

Should I Call A Lawyer Or A Bondsman First?

The big question that often comes up when someone is arrested is: should I call a lawyer or a bail bondsman?

The fast answer is: if you can afford both, hire both.

However, the majority of Americans can’t afford both a bondsman and a lawyer. In fact, 70% of Americans have less than a thousand dollars in savings, so that option is entirely off the table.

So what’s the best solution when you or a loved one is arrested?

At Armstrong Bail Bonds, we believe that lawyers don’t get people out of jail—bondsman do. We believe that, in general, if you can only afford one option, it should be a bail bondsman.

Here’s why.

Bailing Out Gives The Defendant More Leverage

Many plea bargains are made simply because the prosecutor offers a deal to the defendant. This deal is: “Take the plea for this crime, and you can go home.” This can cause the defendant to admit to a crime he or she didn’t actually do.

However, when the defendant is bailed out, prosecutors are less likely to file charges on the case because it puts them in a less advantageous position to offer a plea bargain. 

Bail Bondsman Help The Defendant Avoid County Jail

If a defendant isn’t bailed out of a local jail quickly (within several hours), he or she will typically be taken to the county jail, which is a worse environment. This is an unfortunate experience for the defendant that can be avoided with the help of a bail bondsman, who can get them out of jail much faster.

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A Lawyer Doesn’t Necessarily Equal Freedom

Even if a lawyer says to you, “I will win your case,” that is no guarantee. In fact, it’s a red flag, because no attorney should be saying this. Ethically, a lawyer can’t condition your payment on a promised outcome of the defendant’s case. 

However, a bail bondsman will be able to get the defendant out of jail long enough to straighten out their personal matters and continue working at their job while they await their court date.

A Bail Bondsman Will Get You Out Immediately

The benefit of a bail bondsman is that they have the ability to get the defendant out of jail quickly. Typically a bondsman will go straight to where the defendant is being held to get him or her out.

Most people don’t have $10,000-$50,000 to spend on bail. A bondsman helps greatly with this situation. A bail bondsman will get the defendant out quickly—and it’s more affordable to pay a bondsman than it is to come up with the required cash.

At Armstrong Bail Bonds, we are here for you 24/7 for those unwanted emergencies. No one ever expects an arrest to happen, but if they do, we are happy to help.

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