What Happens When Two People Post Bail For The Same Defendant?

What Happens When Two People Post Bail For The Same Defendant?

It may sound strange, but this actually does happen: two different people working with a bail bonding company to post bail for the same individual who was arrested. So what happens in this situation?

Hypothetically, let’s imagine that a man gets arrested, he calls his partner, and his partner calls a bail bonding company to start the process of getting him out of jail. But then, not knowing that this is going on, the man’s parents want to get him out of jail too, and they begin working with a different bail bonding company.

It’s understandable that this happens. Two different parties want to secure the freedom of the person they care about, and these two parties may not be in contact with each other. Neither party is going to want to wait around uselessly, and will typically immediately begin to work on getting the defendant free.

So what happens when two different parties both begin the process of working with a bail bonding company? Will the jail accept two bail bonds for the same defendant?

No. If the partner and the parents (in this hypothetical situation) are working on different bail bonds at the same time, whoever shows up after the other will be turned away at the jail when they attempt to post the bond.

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Only one bail bond can be posted for an individual.

One bit of good news is that if you secure a bail bond for someone and then find out that another person has beaten you to it and already posted bail, you won’t have wasted your money. The bail bonding company’s fee isn’t earned until the bail bond is posted, so if someone else posts a bail bond before you can, you’ll receive a refund.

We sincerely hope you never experience having to post a bail bond for someone you care about, but if you do, remember that Armstrong Bail Bonds offers 24/7 services. We are here to help!

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