Should I Pay Bail Myself? Or Hire A Bail Bondsman?

Should I Pay Bail Myself? Or Hire A Bail Bondsman?

Should I Pay Bail Myself? Or Hire A Bail Bondsman?

Facing trouble with the law can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience. You’ll want to get yourself or your loved one out of jail and back in the comfort of your home as soon as possible. And for some people, “as soon as possible” means bailing themselves or their friends out with their own money.

There’s nothing wrong with working independently on the bail process, but it can be pretty confusing, especially if you’ve never done it before. That’s why the team at Armstrong Bail Bonds is running through the pros and cons of paying bail yourself versus hiring a bail bondsman.

Can You Cover The Cost Of Bail?

The biggest issue many face with bail is its cost. For many, the amount of money it costs to bail themselves or a loved one out is simply too much to handle. You don’t want to spend all your savings on bail only to get out of jail and have no money. And you’ll feel even worse if a loved one takes on the often exorbitant cost.

Luckily, the bail bonds system exists to help you get out of jail without spending more than you need to. A bail bondsman will work with you to post bail, that way you or your loved one can get out of jail without having to cover the entire cost of the bail bond on your own.

Less Risk With A Bail Bondsman

The bail bonds system exists to ensure that defendants appear at their court dates and other court-mandated appearances. When you pay bail, you’ll receive a refund on your bail payment when the defendant appears at all their court dates and other scheduled appearances. But if you pay on your own, there’s the potential you’ll lose most or all of your money if something goes wrong with the court appearances.

When working with a bail bondsman, you’ll have much less risk when it comes to your bail payment. A bail agent will post  bail for you in exchange for a percentage of the total cost. In California, bail bonds agencies charge a 10 percent fee for their services, helping you or a loved one get out of jail for a fraction of the total bail cost.

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Great Bail Bonds Agents Will Support Your Needs

Any bail bonds agent can help you get out of jail, but a great bail bonds agent will go above and beyond when it comes to your needs. Seeking out a bail bondsman can be a difficult process, especially because you’ll want to find someone fast, but be sure to talk with a couple different agencies to get a sense of what they can offer you.

Some bail bondsmen will do the bare minimum, and won’t be willing to negotiate with you when it comes to determining the collateral you’ll need to offer in order to secure your bond. But a great agency will understand your needs and work with you to make the bail process as easy as possible. Great bail bonds companies have ties throughout the justice system in your area, and might even be able to help you secure a lawyer for upcoming court appearances.

The bail bonds process is a difficult one, and while going in alone might seem like a great option, it’s one we definitely don’t support. Dealing with courts and jails is tricky, especially when they start to bring in all the legal jargon, and you’ll want the help of a bail bonds agent who knows exactly how to handle the situation. Even better, hiring a bail bonds agent will provide the financial support you need to get yourself or a loved one out of jail without going into massive debt. If you’re looking for a bail bonds service in Los Angeles, consider Armstrong Bail Bonds. We’ve been in business for over 90 years, serving Los Angeles County, Orange County, and San Diego. We even offer 24/7 service for when you need it most. Contact Armstrong Bail Bonds today for more information on our bail bonds services.